Treefort is Back

February 20th, 2019 by

Treefort gets its biggest thrills from welcoming spellbinding well-known and independent emerging artists from all over the globe. Since the festival’s inception, Boise has played host to thousands of bands traveling from within the Treasure Valley or as far as Western Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Just like the uniqueness of every tree, each Treefort Music Fest features a wide variety of musicians and bands – every Treefort moment has its own soundtrack.

History of Treefort
Back in 2011 in Boise, Idaho we were slowly trying to climb our economy out of the recession, rumors of a rat-snake hybrid that manifested in the Boise Hole was circulating our city, Childish Gambino played a Twitter-only announced show at Chandlers to about 50 showgoers, people were living out of tents at the County Courthouse as part of the Occupy Boise Movement, the Red Room existed, Boise State joined the Mountain West Conference, we were brunching at La Vie En Rose downtown, Radio Boise just began transmitting on the airwaves…..and the seeds of a music festival were being planted among a small group of people (Lori Shandro Outen, Drew Lorona, Eric Gilbert and Megan Stoll) who met over coffees, lunches or in Lori’s own home.

The ideation of Treefort Music Fest was planted in September 2011 and as the initial groundwork started budding, the co-founders brought on seven key members of the Boise community who became the roots of Treefort (John Betts, Elizabeth Corsentino, Stephanie Coyle, Matt Dalley, Jeni Rose Larsen, James Lloyd and Phil Merell)

It started off as a one day festival which quickly turned into three and by the time the inaugural event came around in March 2012, it was technically four days long. Now, as we are nearing another rendition of the festival, we still hold each of the founding members near and dear — they will forever be a part of the Treefort Family no matter where their own individual lives take them.

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